Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Year, New Ideas

I've been creating a lot of sawdust in the past few weeks. I took a good look at what I had done in my first year selling online and I decided that it is time to try a few of the ideas that had been bouncing around in my head.

The first of many to come is my version of the wooden soap dish.

The block is cut and shaped much like any other you'd find on the market but I've added a silhouette detail in the center. The decorative touch also allows a little more air flow and a space for excess moisture to escape.

This little idea was born out of discovering the joys of handmade soap this past holiday a
nd hearing from friends that there were a lack of good natural soap dishes available locally.

Since this is only a first version of the final product the one in the photo will be put thro
ugh the tests in my home but I need a fresh bar of my new favourite from Sweet Leaf Bath Co.

They offer a great line of fair trade bath and body products that look great and best of all have just the right amount of scent. With a home base in St. Mary's, Ontario, Sweet Leaf Bath is a company to check out for those of us in the area who want to shop local and for the rest of the world who enjoy the luxury of handmade bath products.

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  1. Always lots of ideas bouncing 'round in our heads eh!

    You'll do well with this one - looks great!